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My story...

Hi, I'm Vickie.

Let's see where to start. I began this journey 25 years ago with my love for the Standard Poodle. I purchased my first poodle, only to realize I did not have the tools or the knowledge to take care of their ever needy coats.

I enrolled in a grooming course to better my understanding of this unique trade that kept so many dog breeds looking gorgeous. I enjoyed grooming and the daily challenges it brought more than anything else. So it was an easy decision -  it was time to make it my career.

Over the next few years, I had my grooming business in my family home and learned to perfect each and every dog breed in a show clip, from there modified to what we groom today called "a pet trim".

As the business grew, not only the need but the desire to, motivated me to fulfill my dream of one day owning my own shop where the dogs could play while waiting to be groomed without waiting in a kennel. 

As the saying goes, there's no time like the present, I took the plunge. In 2020, even though a tough year, we took on the hard work of renovating a huge tractor dealership into what today is The K9 Lounge.

I did this putting high expectations on myself as I wanted each and every person that walked through the front door to feel like they were at home . I wanted people to be comfortable with me and where they are leaving their beloved fur babies; after all our dogs are our family and we never want to worry that they will be ok.

Once we opened I could not believe the support we got from all the locals in the area and people from outside St.Thomas the positive vibes and continued thanks, it was more than I ever thought possible.

I continue my love for poodles and grooming and I believe I would not be where I am today if it was not for my very first Standard Poodle.
I truly love what I do and believe it shows every day just being in my shop.
I love meeting new people and their dogs every day it lets me know 

The K9 Lounge is doing something right.


K9 LOUNGE_Vicki_About Page.jpg
K9 LOUNGE_Vicki_About Page2.jpg

I would also  like to just say thank you to all my clients, new and  continued for trusting me with your fur kids.

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